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Our History


BRANDNEW ADS was founded in 2005 in Cairo.

Through the last and the upcoming years, we have always believed in the value of brands, their ambition, and the necessity of their existence. During our journey in advertising and marketing, we witnessed and participated in the success of a lot of industries and disciplines.


Our vision is to make brands spread through unrivaled innovative marketing solutions combined with our experience across communication sectors.


We view the communication of knowledge and information as vital to the effective performance of brands. Our ambition is to raise and activate the full 360 Degree value of these communications, connecting distinctive insights and ideas to create brands that deliver their commercial potential. 


We believe in brands’ power and value, and their increasingly important place in consumers’ lives. More than just a goodwill entry on a corporate balance sheet, a brand is the single most important asset any company has. We believe our job is to help clients build enduring brands that live as part of consumers’ lives and command their loyalty and confidence How we go about doing this is through a proprietary way of thinking and working that we call 360 Degree Brand Stewardship ®.

Our Services

Digital solutions

We solve even the most uncommon of challenges! Through innovative ideas, artistic designs, creative content, and advertising.  We create goal-oriented campaigns to achieve the required KPIs.

Media & Production

If you want to experience a professional media production! 

We provide you with the most advanced technical foundations and practical expertise needed to gain a leading role in digital broadcast or social media production across a range of video, image making, photography, audio and web formats.

Event Management

Our experienced team will look after each element of your event by planning from Participant registration to on-site event management.

What do we do? 

  • Conference & Seminars 
  • Corporate Meetings 
  • Team Building Events 
  • VIP Events 
  • Opening Ceremony 

As a one-stop destination, we manage your whole event with the best affordable packages.


Brand guidelines are part of the glue that makes them stick. As it goes far beyond a logo or icon. It’s in their colors, imagery, fonts, tone, and even the feeling you get when you see one of their ads.

Your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market. We define what you stand for,  we promise you to market the personality you convey and to show your product authenticity;  including your logo, color palette, and slogan.  

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